Wednesday, February 18, 2004


This is part 4 of the MacGyver FAQ.
For safety reasons, we strongly advise against experimenting with any of the combinations listed below. In general, the makers of "MacGyver" took care to omit key ingredients from MacGyverisms, especially where explosives, smoke devices, and the like were concerned. Attempts at reproducing these MacGyverisms are irresponsible and potentially injurious, and are not recommended. The writers, compilers, and distributors of this document are not responsible for any injuries or damage resulting from the attempted reproduction of any of the ideas or concepts contained herein. The purpose of this document is to inform and entertain.
Looking over this list, it is obvious to me why the series was cancelled. They'd obviously run out of good hacks. One of the last "McGyverisms" listed is "Ran through sewer on socks to make less noise". Big honkin' deal!