Friday, January 09, 2004

Stofonil Elikalnst to Sinist

Har! I've drawn a new map of the Stofonian empire.

The place names on this map are romanizations of what the Stofonians actually called the divisions of their empire, not English or Latin-like forms like you see on some other maps.

Thus you might see "Scalia" on other maps, but the Stofonians called the place Scayls. Ditto for Badingo and Wada (sometimes called Badingola and Wadaland).

The main exception is Juturia, because I'm not sure exactly what the Stofonians called it. Its name in, well, Juturian is J'ut-Ur but I'm not sure what the Stofonians would've done with that. Jutur, Juturstof, Juturil, something like that. I seem to recall at some point figuring out that the Knarrians called it "Jothor" because Jothor is a common first name in Knarr and they thought it sounded familiar.. maybe the Stofonians did something similar, as Jothor is also a first name in Stofonian.

Forgive me for being too lazy to color every Sinist (state, province) a different color. Only the Elikalns are colored.

Btw, none of these maps would be here without the GIMP.