Friday, January 09, 2004

IPA in Unicode

Yes, this is a post both about Unicode and about my conlangs.

Stofonian, like English but unlike either Elosian or Knarrian, uses more sounds than the 26-letter basic Latin alphabet can represent. (The sounds of Stofonian were of course based on the sounds of English, since I invented it when English was the only language I knew about).

It would be cool to use IPA when transliterating Stofonian on the web.

stɔfonɪl ɛlɪkælnst tɑ sɪnɪst

But its just too much of a pain to mess with all of those HTML entities. You could always use "ASCII IPA":

stOfonIl ElIk&lnst ta sInIst

But that looks even funkier. (Not to mention that vowel pronunciation varies quite a bit in Stofonian anyway) So we'll stick with good old inexact Romanization. At least it lets us use capital letters.

Stofonil Elikalnst to Sinist

(translation: "Stofonian Empires and States", ie., first and second level divisions of the Stofonian empire)