Thursday, December 11, 2003

The Limbaugh Lunch

Yesterday I took my first "Limbaugh Lunch" in a long time. This consists of getting in my gas-guzzling, environment-destroying car; crusing through a greedy capitalist fast food chain to load up on the greasy fried food that is making America's children so obese; and eating while driving around listening to Rush Limbaugh. The only way it could be more Rushtastic would be if I drove an SUV, or if I was smoking or taking prescription painkillers.

This used by my usual way to get roadgeeking and railfanning done. I used to do it about once a month. I had to stop for a long while because the windows of my old car got to the point where they wouldn't roll down anymore, so it was impossible to do the drive-through thing.

Among the things I saw while railfanning were a UP unit still in SP red and gray paint but with yellow and red road numbers that looked like they were just stuck on, and a CSX switcher near the ADM and Mead plants. I took a really crappy picture of the switcher with my cell phone. You can't even make it what road number it is. I have increased the brightness and contrast somewhat, at the expense of making it look even fuzzier.