Tuesday, November 18, 2003

What I Do About Font Sizes

Since I'm talking about font sizes, this is my own stylesheet's one and only rule for font sizes:
* { font-family: "fixedsys", "monaco", "vga", "fixed", monospace; font-size: 100% }

Yes, that's an selector of "*". That means everything. I want everything on my blog to be the same size. What size exactly? Whatever size your computer is configured to show it. I really don't know or care; all I want is for h1 and h2 and h3 and h4 and p and td to all be that size. This is weird. Most people don't want to do this. It's part of the "gimmick" of this blog. Just like there are rock bands who dress up like robots or astronauts or 18th-century aristocrats, this is a web page dressed up like a fixed-size text terminal. And just like those bands, some would argue that the gimmick actually gets in the way of the content. I'll eventually get tired of it and try a different gimmick.