Monday, November 17, 2003

1337 domain name roundup

ell three three tee (DNS error) (personal site. cars, photography, IM) (DNS error)

one three three tee (looks like one of those search pages that typosquatters always send you to) (DNS error) (web design and hosting company)

ell three three seven (store selling t-shirts that say "1 4/\/\ L337") (personal site. includes blog. apparently intended only for IE users.) (another squatter-style link farm)

one three three seven (HTTP authentication required) (page about "what is it and how to be 1337") (ASCII art, web comics, anime, Star Trek)

three ell three three tee (timed out) (DNS error) (DNS error)

three one three three tee (DNS error) (DNS error) (DNS error)

three ell three three seven (DNS error) (DNS error) (personal site. mostly photography. lots of pictures of someone named Anna)

three one three three seven ("celebrating seven years of no content") (timed out) (redirect to " - News from the hacking community!")