Tuesday, October 07, 2003

What smart people can do

A couple of years ago I was googling for references to the Mallet Assembly when I came across a web diary (most people didn't call them "blogs" yet) with the words:
the idiotic Mallet Assembly. They think they're so great just because they're different, when what they do is really just plain dumb. They come off like they're better than the fraternities because they're "smarter," yet they still have the same drunk parties, the same stupid initiations... It's all a sham, just another way of pretending to be different. And the sad thing is, the people involved think they've found their niche, their raison d'ĂȘtre. And it's nothing more than another false image, just as bad as being a republican or a sorority sister. No, worse, because at least those don't pretend to be something they're not.
I was surprised to find that a non-Malleteer would actually take the time to go Mallet-bashing, and the words generated some interesting discussion on the Mallet general mailing list.

Today I decided to see what the author of those words is up to now. The original diary with its (occasionally deserved, and I'm saying this as a Malleteer) indictment of Mallet is long gone. This (garnetsigma.com) appears to be a website of the same person, though. Apparently her analysis of Fight Club is a well-respected and oft-cited resource for serious Fight Club scholars.

Also, I think she is the author of these Daria fan fiction stories.

A googling of her old handle Invisigoth Gypsy turns up mostly broken links, but does reveal that her interests also include Anime, MST3K, Tiny Toons, Beetlejuice, and My Little Pony. All in all, pretty geeky. Exactly the type of person who normally feels quite at home at Mallet.

What's even more interesting to me is not so much what smart people can do, but what triggers those of us without any time on our hands to make some time anyway.
-- Philip Segrest