Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Hip Hop in Your Dreams

Here the lyrics to the third verse of "Virgin Killer" by the Scorpions, as I heard them for years:

Fly like you fear!
Fly like you fear!
Feel it!
Fly to his cage!
Fly to his cage!
Taste it!
Know how to run away...
He's a virgin killer!

No, no, no, can't you see?
No, no, no, can't you see?
You're a demon's, you're a demon's,
You're a demon's desire!

Airforce screams
sadistic magazines.
Watch out!
Seems like every day,
dreams taken away!
Well, if you can find a way..
but he's a virgin killer!

No, no, no... (repeat chorus)

Garbage in the streets.
apocs in your dreams.
Look out!
Jocks in the picture.
Answers in the scriptures? Forget it!
Try to get a way from there,
he's a virgin killer!

(repeat chorus)

Now, read the real lyrics and tell me that they are better than mine.

Don't ask me what "apocs" are. The character from the Matrix (which links all of this to yesterday's postings)? Dude, I heard this in 1987. When I was a desktop technician at Sprint, the internal trouble ticket system used A.P.O.C. to mean "alternate point of contact"... but still, what did I think it meant when I was 12? Another interpretation that I've entertained, but never very seriously, over the years is "hip-hop in your dreams".