Friday, October 17, 2003

First I decided to chuck useless "web safe" colors from my stylesheet. Then I realized that this allowed me to use more authentic "DOS" colors like #000080 instead of #0000CC. Then I realized that my stylesheet wasn't sufficiently DOS-like, since it had things like boldface headers and impossible background/foreground color combinations. After a few minutes of futzing around trying to make it be more prototypical, I decided to go to a real DOS app for inspritation. Borland's IDE products had one of the most successful DOS text-based interfaces of all time. So there you go. My blog now suggests Turbo Pascal as stronly I could stand to make it in half an hour.

The one thing I haven't figured out what to do about yet is using italics for blockquotes. Until I figure out a better way to set apart stuff that other people said from what I said, being consistent with Slashdot is more vital than being consistent with DOS.