Friday, October 03, 2003

The BileBlog

This is good reading. The overlap between the Open Source, J2EE, and Blog/RSSgeek worlds is already small enough (terms of the total size of geekdom) that idea that there would be a blog which appears to be entirely dedicated to being the ultimate, thorn-in-the-side, bastard-child-of-Andy-Rooney-and-Dennis-Leary-on-crack curmudgeon of the OSS J2EE community is just too much! I don't know if its intended to be funny, but its just true enough to be hilarious. There are plenty of blogs and forums where one can find people simply bashing Java and J2EE without understanding it. This guy does Java for a living and knows what he is talking about. This is better than browsing Slashdot with the filter turned all the way up +5.

Random quote from various rants (it doesn't matter which ones):
You also get a source xref. This I'm sure was useful back in the days when people didn't have suitable tools to browse source in a far easier and sensible manner than a stupid web UI. Java professionals will use IDEA. Even their retarded happy-idiot poor cousins will use Eclipse at the very least.
What's truly depressing is the amount of energy and effort that people have poured into this crap. They could have been out there making a difference, planting trees, preaching world peace, solving the middle-east crisis, advocating a two party system in the US, saving whales, work for an aid agency helping African societies decimated by AIDS (no US aid for them of course if they also preach contraception and family planning), but no, they instead make up little xml documents that define their humanity, or lack thereof. Grrrr.
Heaven forbid servlet container developers are actually forced to do any actual work or make the life of application developers vaguely tolerable. They're all too busy pimping their own idiotic implementations, in the few spare minutes they have between bouts of trying desperately to milk their book author credentials for all its worth.