Wednesday, October 01, 2003

12th Street Viaduct

Short PDF about the need and the cost of repairs to Kansas City's famous (well, it should be famous in my book) multi-level road.

It says that the viaduct is the "only multi-level structure in the Kansas City area". I don't think is quite true. When I lived there, a couple of the bridges over the Kansas (or "Kaw") river had two levels. The upper decks tied into a viaduct system connecting downtown Kansas City, MO to downtown Kansas City, KS, passing over the industrial "bottoms" areas near the river. The lower levels directly connected the low-lying streets in the bottoms.

I seem to recall that the I-70 bridge (also called "Lewis and Clark" or "Inter-City") had a lower deck which was long since closed by the time I got there.

The Central Avenue Bridge, on the other hand, had a lower level that was still open in 1999. Driving across it was a cool and slightly scary experience. Like the drawbridges of a bygone era, there was no pavement, just metal grid that you could see through down to the river.

Now I've got to go find some bridgefan websites.