Monday, September 15, 2003

Pictures from and information on Alabama communities and highways

Digital video capture of highway signage, municipal and industrial water towers, urban decay, route terminii, maps, and unusual businesses, primarily in the American Southeast.
... and a whole lot in Tuscaloosa, Al.

This is one way into a collection of pages which apparently spans several different websites, all run by one Harv Beagle. Some other interesting pages which are (apparently) part of this same system:

(check out the picture at the bottom of that last page.. and what it links to!)

This is the kind of website that I can really get lost in. Literally. The navigation system (or lack thereof) leads you down lots of twisty passages. Every link on every page has the potential to take you someplace unexpected. If this was a serious website that I had to use for work, I would find all of this infuriating. But given the casual nature of my interest in this site, all of these "features" just make it feel big.. Like I'm only seeing the tip of the iceberg.