Monday, September 29, 2003

On Our Last Date (Lost His Love) - Floyd Cramer / Conway Twitty

Just one of a number of pages that have MIDI versions of this song. Warning: the MIDI is the "background" music for this page. If you hate pages with embedded music and would rather just download the MIDI file itself, here's a direct link. Because of Geocities no-offsite-media-linking policy, that link doesn't actually work unless you've already viewed the web page (at least for a second or two) and therefore have the MIDI file in your cache.

This page has lyrics, even though Floyd Cramer's famous version was an instrumental. It appears that several other artists have recorded it with vocals, including Conway Twitty (possibly who wrote the lyrics) and Emmylou Harris.

I also have no idea whether that is a picture of this page's author, or just some clip art.