Monday, September 08, 2003

Fixed (I think) something in the stylesheet that made the main content inaccessible in IE6 except for the above-the-fold portion. IE would let you scroll as far down as there were archive links in the sidebar, but if the main content continued past that (it usually does) there was no way to read it. I recieved no complaints about this, which could mean any of the following:
  1. nobody's reading
  2. only Mozilla users are reading (AC-style comment: is that statistically different from #1? (this is why I failed to notice it.))
  3. nobody needs to read below the fold, because they've already read everything but the last two or so posts
  4. nobody wants to read below the fold because the recent few posts aren't interesting enough to make anybody want to read the older ones
  5. it wasn't broken long enough for anyone to notice
  6. people noticed but decided to give up rather than email me about it