Thursday, August 28, 2003

I have removed the stylesheet switcher. It was cute, but it relied on some things in the HTML and CSS that were just a little too non-standard.

The problem is that there is not really any support in HTML for having multiple, alternative stylesheets embedded into the same document as <STYLE> elements. Alternate stylesheets really do need to exist as separate CSS files. Personally I consider this a glaring flaw in the HTML/CSS standards, but what are gonna do?

Well, guess what. As this blog is hosted on Blogspot, I don't really have anywhere to put any such files. The tricks to which I resorted to get alternative stylesheets to work, only worked in Mozilla and IE. In Opera, for instance, all of the stylesheets were applied at once and there was no way to turn them on and off, and the page looked really funky. I don't even want to know what it might've looked like on the DeathBrowser9000.

Now you have two choices: either live with my colors, or configure your browser to show yours.