Tuesday, July 08, 2003

When I was a kid, my family occasionally ate at a fast food place in Mobile called Colonel Dixie. It was sort of like a Dairy Queen, I guess. Seems like it was close to our dentist's office, and I would always end up having to eat their burgers and shakes with my mouth still partially numb. I always assumed it was part of a chain. Lately when I visted Mobile for my cousin's wedding, when I drove past there I realized that this was actually the only Colonel Dixie I had ever seen in my life. Is it a chain? Is this the only one left?

I didn't actually eat there. I had to feed myself while my wife was at a women-only party the day before the wedding, and I had to decide between Colonel Dixie and Whataburger, since neither exist in Atlanta. This time I chose Whataburger. The next time I go to Mobile it's the Colonel's turn.

Apparently there are no Whataburgers in Georgia at all, and all the ones in Alabama are in the Mobile area. Its mainly a Texas chain, I guess. I think I've seen them go there on King of the Hill.


Just read your old post about Colonel Dixie. There used to be several in Mobile. Ones I can recall are Old Shell Rd, Overlook, Dauphin Island Pkway (across from Pinecrest Cemetary) and the current and only one at Pleasant Valley & HWY 90. I think they MIGHT have been in other places. I think it started going downhill when the owner hired a hitman to kill his wife & if memory servces, owner (named Levert) was later killed in prison. Good milkshakes though!