Monday, July 28, 2003

More about the wallpaper

I actually created this about 3 years ago, when fooling around with HTML in general and support for 800x600 in particular was much more a part of my job than it is now. It was (obviously) made by taking screenshots at each resolution. So it preserves an interesting record of what programs I was running at the time.

Visible on the taskbar:
  1. Microsoft Visual SourceSafe
  2. Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Manager
  3. Windows Explorer
  4. Visual SourceSafe (again!)
  5. Outlook
  6. Forte For Java
  7. NT Server Manager (yes, this was NT 4.0... the stuff below about Win2K is only because that's what I use now)
  8. An Outlook email whose subject begins with "erd".
  9. Jasc Paintshop Pro (which was being used to doctor the screenshots)

Visible Quicklaunch icons:
  1. Internet Explorer
  2. Minimize All Windows
  3. ???
  4. Windows Explorer
  5. Outlooks
  6. Access
  7. Excel
  8. PowerPoint
  9. Word
  10. SourceSafe
  11. Epicor Clientele
  12. VNC
  13. Forte For Java
  14. Netscape
  15. unknown URL shortcut