Thursday, July 17, 2003

The metal case back just fell off of my watch. I'm sure some of you Rolex-wearers out there will say that it serves me right for buying a cheap Timex piece of junk from K-mart, or something like that.

I've been loyal to Timex for years because they are usually just good sturdy watches that keep accurate time and are very waterproof. Every time somebody gives me a watch for Christmas or something, I usually don't bother using it because I know I'll just break it, and stick to wearing my Timex.

I just put the watch back together. I hope the watch is still water-resistant. I'd recently noticed condensation on the inside of the glass. I have a feeling that the back was already loose and just waiting to fall off, and that water was leaking in. It didn't seem to affect the actual working of the watch, though.