Monday, July 14, 2003

In spite my stylesheet's ugliness, I would like for it to be equally ugly on as many platforms as possible. I use the Windows "fixedsys" font. This was chosen for several reasons:
  • it is the default font used for display in the ubiquitous but primitive Notepad editor
  • it looks somewhat similar to the default front used by the DOS prompt
  • it looks pretty similar to the like the kinds of fonts used in low-res devices like 8-bit computers, TV sets, cell phones, graphing calculators, older game consoles, old computer games, etc.

Unfortunately, if you are not using Windows, you probably don't see this. Click here for a screenshot of what I want it to look like. My question to Mac and Unix users: what fonts on your systems have the above qualities? I'd like to add them to the stylesheet. I still haven't decided which of the following would be uglier:
  • Find a font that looks as much like Microsoft's "fixedsys" as possible.
  • Find fonts that have the same connotations to Mac or Unix users that fixedsys has to Windows users. Like if the Mac has an editor as hated as Notepad, what font does it use?