Thursday, July 31, 2003

I started looking for stuff about the Pueblo after hearing a story about this book on NPR this morning.

One page I found at mentions:
In two short movies shown in June, westerners gave the finger to the North Korean cameraman. It became obvious that these people did not know the meaning of this symbol of contempt, and that they were also unfamiliar with current western "culture", or colloquialisms. In the coerced letters written to families, friends and political figures, and in subsequent press conferences, the PUEBLO men attempted to use this knowledge as a means to discredit their captor's propaganda efforts.

And furthermore:
The first press conference which included enlisted men was held August 13th. An intentional (communist) press conference September 12th. Both times innuendos and archaic and corny language were inserted into the prepared statements to thwart the propaganda.

I've been looking for more examples of these innuendos and corny language. When I find them I'll blog them.