Thursday, July 24, 2003

By experimentation, I have discovered the following about Google's indexing of this page and its archives:

Searches for things in the archives actually turn up the correct page for 6/5/03 and before.

From 6/6 to 7/9, some individual posts are found in the archives. But for others it finds them in the cache of the main page (not the archives); but then when you try to view the cache, you actually get a page that doesn't include the post you were looking for, since it starts at 7/10. I have not found any rhyme or reason for why some posts are found in the archives and others are found on the main page.

Posts from 7/10 to 7/13 are found in Google's cache (of the main page) and can still be read there.

Posts from 7/14 to 7/21 are found on the main page, and can still be viewed there live (not cached).

Posts from 7/22 on haven't been indexed at all.