Monday, June 02, 2003

I am looking for an open-source SQL query design tool.

Microsoft Access, SQL Server Enterprise Manager, and Dev Studio all include query tools that let you build up queries graphically by drawing lines between tables to represent inner and outer joins. If you come from the Win32 world, you've probably seen it, but here is a screenshot:

(from this page).

Oracle and other vendors probably provide something similar, but my use of Oracle has never gone beyong SQL*Plus. The only one of "these things" that I've ever seen is the MS one.

Basically I want something like that, but open. It also needs to work with "any" database. That means any neat little open-source solutions that are tightly coupled to MySql or something are out.

In the Java world (which is what I typically work these days) it seems like the kind of thing that somebody would write as a plugin for NetBeans or Eclipse, but I haven't run across any that advertize anything like what the screen above shows.

I would be willing to write such a thing, but I'm just hoping that somebody has already done it. I'm not sure my GUI development skills are up to it.