Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Turbo C 2.01

I think I got this link from a Slashdot story a long time ago. I used it to recompile ANSIMAN. I can't remember why I needed to do that.

You actually do need a 16-bit DOS compiler if you want to write programs that use ANSI.SYS on Windows NT, 2K or (presumably, though I haven't tried it) XP. Even if you turn on ANSI.SYS in your config.nt, win32 programs ignore it.

An alternative is to run a telnet server and telnet into your own machine with a telnet client that does ANSI emulation. Microsoft's client and server sorta work for this, but not all that well. Not well enough to run ANSIMAN, at least. Or to be able to cat ANSI files produced by THEDRAW to standard output and view them. Better servers and clients are available, but I really haven't fooled with it enough to tell you which ones.