Wednesday, April 02, 2003

My neighbors are putting up a new wooden privacy fence around their yard. This is generally a good thing. They have some big mean dogs, and the new fence will keep my daughter from sticking her arm through the chainlink fence to "pet" those beasties.

They have taken down some trees that were right on the fence line. No big whoop; we have plenty of trees.

But with the trees went the muscadine vines that clung to those trees. Oh well, last year the berries shriveled up in the drought anyway. Its not like we got to enjoy them or anything. It would probably be the same this year.

Presumably the vines weren't destroyed down to the roots (the trees certainly weren't.. the stumps are two or three feet high), so maybe they'll grow back. Maybe we can train them to grow on a trellis or something, instead of those trees.