Monday, March 31, 2003

The newstand (where I bought the Old Spice) is now giving away free "God Bless America" and "United We Stand" bumper stickers.

Another interesting thing about that newstand. It is located right next to an ATM. After using the ATM, I always go in there to buy something really cheap with a $20 bill so I'll end up with a lot of $1 bills for the vending machines on my floor. I could just ask him for change, but I figure if I'm going to take up his time I may as well buy some breath mints or beef jerky or something. I suspect I am not the only person who uses the newstand that way. In any case, he must know what's going on because without asking he routinely gives me more ones than would normally be called for. Like if I buy $1 worth of stuff, he'll actually give me a ten and 9 ones.

He's frequently seen reading a book, in Chinese, the binding and size of which make it look like a bible. I don't know whether its actually a Chinese bible, or just some book that looks like a bible.